Vacation Villas for Rent in Goa

According to figures published by the Government of Goa, a total of 6,80,000 foreign tourists visited the state in 2017 and 56,50,000 domestic tourists and is expected to only grow each year.  In 2017 December nearly 14,00,000 visitors made their way to holiday here the highest amongst the other months of the year. In comparison November 11,70,000 and October 9,25,000. Visitors drop in number during the months of January and February to the 4,00,000 mark. An average during of 9 days is being noted for foreign arrivals and 5 days for domestic tourists. The state has a number of chartered flights pouring in each year with 808 arrivals in 2017-18 (upto 12-03-2018) and 988 flights in the 2016-17 season.  On an average each season there are over 800 charters the arrive with over 1,50,000 visitors.  Vacationers also arrive by cruise ships, with around 25 large vessels that have docked the ports such November 2017 carrying a total of 51,000 passengers. In the year 2016, a large chunk of the visitors were from Russia, accounting for nearly 56% of the total arrivals. The states also has visitors from the United Kingdom which as around 205 of its total arrivals.

To cater to this large inflow of tourism the state is equipped with a variety of hotels and guest houses available in a number of categories.  As of 2017 the state has an inventory of 3510 standard category hotels with a bed count of 66,857. Additionally, there also are 63 starred and a 2 heritage hotels with a bed capacity of 10,039.

Besides hotels, villa rentals in Goa have been extremely popular over the last few years more so around the coastal belt of the state. Beaches such as Candolim, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator and Morjim rank amongst some of the most sort-after locations for vacation rentals. Other beaches towards the southern stretch than include Colva, Benaulim, Cansaulim, Benaulim, Utorda, Varca and Mobor also witness a healthy demand. Vacationers flock to the state from the months of September-October and the season continues until February- March. The month of April and May are packed with domestic tourists, which is then followed by the off-season during the rainy months of June, July and August.  Peal season is begins towards the end of November and continues towards the first week of January, the last week of December being the most expensive and also crowded.

Vacation rentals has been an industry that has been skyrocketing and showing no signs of slowing down. The number of travelers visiting Goa is only on the rise, and a large chunk of these vacationers seek higher quality and home-like vacations during their stay here.  Longer stays, big on luxury to make the best of their stay is of priority to almost everyone.

One of the most common choice for villa rentals is the fact that it can save the traveller plenty of money and can be surprisingly affordable. The cost are a lot less when divided with friends or family. It not be in all cases however it is a whole lot economical in comparison to a hotel.  In terms of location most villas are well located in prominent locations by the beach, areas where large hotels have no access. Villas by the beach are always sort after and are booked months in advance. The inconvenience of having little space is completed avoided with a villa rental as guests no longer need to scramble for bathrooms or bed space. Most private also come equipped with a private pool that the family or friends can relax without any disturbance, maintaining their privacy.  Rented villas don’t force guests to share common areas and other facilities, fighting for space always causing inconvenience. The experience is a lot more privacy and makes the stay very comfortable as you unwind in your own dedicated space without any disturbance.

There also are highly personalized services available at these properties such a the luxury of having your very own private  chef or a masseurs on call. Most of the listings on the market have these arrangements  that guests absolutely love. Not forgetting the convenience of speedy internet as well. Villas have an independent internet line that is yours to uses without any charge.

Villas are an excellent money saver for group travellers and also everyone can stay together and enjoy each others company. Many listings also allow for pets allowing your fury friends to tag along as well. Pets have more room to run around and with the place all to yourself the pet is free to be his own comfort zone. A majority of these rental properties are kid friendly and also have plenty of entertainment such as a play area or a handful of board games.

If you are in the mood, you can also cook your favourite meals or have a small barbecue going. Cooking meals in a fully functional kitchen can be a huge cost saver for group travellers. Simply stock up the fridge for a constant supply of snacks or fix yourself your favourite cup of coffee at a moment’s notice. Having an access to a fully functional kitchen can be extremely beneficial for managing special dietary foods. Most properties are also listed with complete laundry facilities which means you need to have to spend on laundry facilities thus allowing you to pack lighter and always have access to a clean supply of clothes.  Properties also have staff on-hand making it easier for guests to basic amenities such as housekeeping, food service and running other minor errands.

Overall,  a private villa on rent is a lot more popular and with the number of listings on the rise there are plenty varieties in terms of facilities, comforts and locations to choose from. The concept is also popular among vacationers as they anticipate a much more spacious and comfortable space that they can enjoy their privacy in. Villas rentals are now available across Goa but the popularity is more along the coastal belt. If you are looking for one, ensure that you book well in advance as these properties fill-in fast!

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